Fresh Farm-to-Fork Food Readily Available

Weekday Downtown Farmers’ Markets are open from 10 am to 2 pm to offer shoppers the finest fruits, vegetables, baked goods, flowers, herbs, and cheeses. The markets offer patrons a chance to come face to face with their food source. The Farmers’ Markets are a wonderful break from the ordinary grocery store. They offer the freshest California grown seasonal favorites from asparagus in the spring to apples in the fall.

Tips for Shopping the Farmers’ Markets:

1. These boots are made for walking: If your work shoes are more fashionable than functional, bring some walking shoes just for market.

2. Smaller bills and exact change are greatly appreciated by the farmers and their employees.

3. Bless the child that’s got his own: Bringing reusable bags or baskets will help to keep you organized and your environment happy.

4. To everything — turn, turn, turn: No two markets are just alike. The markets will continue to grow as we approach peak season. New growers arrive as new crops are ready for harvest.

5. What’s going on: Feel free to ask questions. The growers, sellers, and the market manager will be happy to help.

6. Respect! (Just a little bit): Please treat the displays with care. Squeezing can do costly damage to many delicate varieties. We are ready to help you pick out the best fruits and veggies.

7. I see your true colors shining through: Know that good fruit does not have to look perfect on the outside to taste absolutely divine.

8. You better shop around: It’s always best to take a quick trip around the market to find the best deals and quality.

9. Getting to know you: Spark up a conversation with your fellow customers. They will likely have a new recipe to share with you. Have fun!




Tuesday Markets: May 5 – September 22
Fremont Park, 16th & P streets
Roosevelt Park, 10th & P streets
10 am – 2 pm

Wednesday Market:  May 6 – October 28
Cesar Chavez Park, 10th & J streets
10 am – 2 pm

Thursday Market: May 7 – September 24
Capitol Mall, 6th & Capitol
10 am – 2 pm

Saturday Market:
Midtown, 20th & J streets
8 am – 1 pm

Sunday Market:
8th & W streets (under the freeway)
8 am – noon


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