Downtown Sacramento Holiday Ice Rink

The Downtown Sacramento Holiday Ice Rink has been a seasonal landmark on The Kay for over 20 years, providing a playful escape into a winter wonderland for kids and adults alike. The City of Sacramento established the rink back in 1991 and soon after the Downtown Sacramento Partnership assumed operation and management of the rink with the goal of creating a signature holiday experience for the region.

Situated in the heart of Downtown, at the corner of 7th & K streets, the ice rink is the premier location for outdoor skating and shopping in nearby Old Sacramento.

The Downtown Sacramento Holiday Ice Rink is a seasonal ice rink, open annually from November to January. With skate and locker rentals conveniently provided on site, let Downtown Sacramento become a part of your holiday tradition.


Sessions start when the rink opens and every 2 hours thereafter. (For example, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm.) Basically, if it is an even hour, a session is starting!  Skating sessions are 1 hour and 45 minutes. This may not sound like much, but its a long time on the ice, trust us!  When the session ends staff will clear the ice for 15 minutes while the Zamboni makes a sweep before the next session starts.

What happens if I arrive after a session already started?

No problem! As long as there’s still room on the ice, you’re welcome to join the session already underway for the remainder of the time. For example, if you arrive at 2:30, you’re welcome to join in the 2pm session already in progress for the remaining hour and fifteen minutes. Which just might be plenty of time for you and your group.
If you’d like to get your full 1 hour and 45 minutes, we recommend you purchase a wristband for the next session. You can go do some Christmas shopping, grab a drink and a bite, or simply hang out and watch the skaters until the next session starts.


General Information

Dates: November 5 – January 18, 2016

Admission: $10

Skate Rental: $2

Lockers, Gloves & Socks: $2

Children under 4: FREE admission and $2 Skate Rental

How long is a skating session? 1 hour 45 minutes


The ice rink hours vary depending on the day of the week and holidays.



Read more about rules and expectations of the ice rink.



Looking to save a few bucks at the Ice Rink? Well, take advantage of these events and you will receive a complementary skate rental.


Group Reservations

The Sacramento Downtown Plaza Ice Rink is the perfect venue for your event this holiday season. Special rates are available for birthdays, school field trips, corporate events and private parties with advance reservation.